Enjoy Frydays twice each week…

Fish and Chips is more than just tasty… it’s also great for your body and your mind. Seafish recommend you eat two portions per week.

The minerals and vitamins in seafood promote clearer skin, shinier hair, higher energy levels.
It can even boost your brainpower.

Recent studies also showed that fish and chips also had the lowest salt content of all the takeaways tested. Fish can help you with everything from keeping your skin smooth to improving your concentration levels. And eating seafood twice a week could reduce the risk of heart attack by up to half.

Did you know, fish and chips contains 36 per cent less calories than a chicken korma and pilau rice, and 42 per cent less fat than a doner kebab with pita and salad.

Cod/Haddock in Batter

per 100g

Chipped Potatoes

per 100g

Energy 199 Kcal 253 Kcal
Protein 19.60 grams 3.80 grams
Carbohydrate 7.5 grams 37.30 grams
Fat 10.30 grams 10.90 grams
Vitamin B 6.84 milligrams 2.24 milligrams
Vitamin C 0 milligrams 14 milligrams
Minerals 230.50 micrograms 28 micrograms