Sustaining People, our Planet, Livelihoods & Community… Frydays values…. Our business is based on important factors…


  • We buy from traceable & sustainable sources.
  • All of our fish is sourced legally and within quotas.
  • All of the fish we sell is freshly frozen at sea, caught from the healthiest stocks of cod.
  • All our fish is caught by approved boats, which means its fully traceable right back to the boat and the day of catching.


  • We are committed to supplying food of the highest quality from our burgers and sausages to our luxury range of pies.

Buying locally…

  • We try to buy locally and source products and services in our area in an effort to support our local community.

Using high efficiency frying technology…

  • Our technologically advanced high efficiency frying range ensures we are able to keep up with demand at busy times due to a fast temperature recovery rate. They conserve energy by using less gas than conventional frying ranges. Our oil is also filtered continually to ensure it is always at its cleanest.

Ecologically sound packaging…

  • Our take away food is served in eco boxes which are made from materials that can be recycled. They are not only environmentally friendly they allow your food to breath.

Climate change…

  • We are concerned about climate change and are committed to saving energy whenever possible.

Buying British…

  • Our potatoes and the fresh vegetables we serve are grown in Britain to minimize food mileage.

Supporting new technology in the fishing industry…

  • We support the research of new fishing technology which is ethical in its approach, reduces by-catch (unwanted fish) and will help sustain marine life and the fishing industry for generations to come.

Promoting the Great British Take-Away…

  • We actively promote the health benefits of eating fish and chips in order to preserve the industry.
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